Photo of the Day: I’ll see this at SOBCon08

The Chicago River, in the home of SOBCon (courtesy wallyg at Flickr’s CC)

This photo (courtesy wallyg at Flickr’s Creative Commons) shows one of the great things about Chicago, or any city that is on or near the water. There’s just something about the sense of space around open water, and the possibilities for adventure when you look down a moving river.

I’m headed to the Windy City for one of the best events of the year, the SOBCon08 “Biz School for Bloggers” conference May 2-4 2008 (no, no, SOB means Successful and Outstanding Blogger — coined by SOBCon founder and Galactic Blogger Liz Strauss.)

Last year was an absolute blast, and I know that the 2008 version will give me a stack of both new friends and superb ideas for Web 2.0 communication.

Will you join me there?