St. Louis treat: Ted Drewes frozen custard

Ted Drewes frozen custard in St. Louis, Missouri (Scarborough photo) A Ted Drewes “Concrete” frozen custard treat, St. Louis Missouri (courtesy dillydallying at flickr CC)

It’s a summer tradition in Missouri — the frozen custard dessert treat at Ted Drewes, so thick that the staff in their bright yellow T-shirts will hand it to you upside down, with the spoon jammed into the frosty goodness.

They also have a thick milkshake called “The Concrete,” pictured above. Don’t worry; it’ll melt into drinkability pretty quickly on a hot day.

There are two locations in St. Louis.

On our Midwest road trip last year, we visited the one at 6726 Chippewa, an old-fashioned walk-up place that has been there since 1941 (on a street that used to be old Route 66.)

There were tons of different kinds of ice cream and many sundae combinations — I got some version of the “All Shook Up,” because it involved a peanut butter mix-in.

Well worth a stop!

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