The Hot Dog Man on historic Route 66

Paul Bunyan with a hot dog, Atlanta IL on old Route 66 (Scarborough photo)There’s nothing like driving through small-town America and stumbling upon a 19-foot statue of Paul Bunyan holding a giant hot dog.

Kids put down their Gameboys pretty quickly when they look out the car window and see that!

After miles and miles of authentic Midwest agricultural wonders (this is your brain on corn) it’s a bit mind-boggling to stand in tiny downtown Atlanta, Illinois and try to figure out the origins of the thoroughly fake Hot Dog Man.

According to the Logan County tourism Web site, the massive fiberglass dude with a dog used to stand in front of a restaurant called Bunyon’s in Berwyn, Illinois (also on old Route 66) from about 1965 to 2003.

When the restaurant closed, the owner Mr. Stephens agreed to keep the landmark Big Guy standing tall on the fabled Mother Road, so it was moved to a new home in Atlanta, Illinois.

Your family can see it today, presiding majestically over passing tiny people and assorted hot dog fans.

Mustard and relish not included.

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